Retirement forms


View, download and/or print current versions of AFTRA Retirement Fund forms.
Retirement Plan forms
html_icon Pension Analysis Request Form (version to be submitted online)
pdficon_small Pension Analysis Request Form (pre-printed version)
pdficon_small Designation of Beneficiary Form
pdficon_small State Tax Withholding Form for Monthly Pension
pdficon_small Federal Tax Withholding Form for Monthly Pension
pdficon_small Direct Deposit Agreement Form
pdficon_small Tax Withholding Notification and Election
QDRO procedures and model orders
pdficon_small Retirement Fund procedures for verifying Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
 MS Word icon Qualified Domestic Relations Orders models (two model QDROs for example purposes only)     

pdficon_small Note to View .PDF Files

The best way to print the forms is to download them as PDF files. To open the PDF file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available free.